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21 Feb 2022

Why Online Advisors Are the Future of Mortgages

Finding the right mortgage for you can take lots of research, time and industry knowledge. As one of the most expensive loans you’ll take out in your lifetime, you want to make sure you get the best deal for you.

Over the last couple of decades, we’ve seen a range of services go online. And mortgages have been heading that way too. We can get food delivered to our door in minutes, Uber drivers to pick us up 24/7, and beauticians straight to our house, so what’s stopping an industry like mortgages from going online?

The pandemic hit the fast forward button on a lot of this, and it isn’t surprising that the likes of online mortgage advisors have grown in popularity over the last couple of years. Online mortgage advisors are there to make the process easier, less stressful and tailored to your finances, all done remotely.

Bringing speed and convenience to a lengthy and complicated process is incredibly useful and ideal to buyers. So, if you’re thinking of sorting your mortgage out with an online company, we can help. Find out the benefits and how Mortgages Online can make the mortgage process easier for you.

What Do Online Mortgage Advisors Do?

Here at Mortgages Online, our role is to help buyers find suitable lenders with the best possible deal for our clients. In-person meetings and phone calls aren’t necessary, so you can start your purchasing journey on the train to work, in the comfort of your own home, or while jet-setting abroad. Whichever works best for you!

An advisor will usually be responsible for the following:

· Checking your financial details to find mortgage deals suitable to your circumstances.

· They will make sure you can afford the mortgage they find for you.

· Help with paperwork and checking for any errors to avoid delaying the application process.

· Be your go-to for any questions, advice and help.

How Is Online the Future of Mortgages?

During the pandemic, it’s no surprise that the demand for online business has increased significantly, with top retailers reporting an average 52% increase of online traffic. During this time, many people started to turn to online mortgage brokers as the traditional process was no longer available. However, the popularity of online advisors has been on the up in the last decade.

Convenience and demand have driven many industries to create online offerings, and the mortgage industry is no different. Some people prefer using online processes due to fit it around their busy schedule. But why should you put your trust in an advisor you’ll never meet in person? Read on to find out the benefits.

The Benefits of Using an Online Broker

There are many benefits to getting what you want at the click of a button. From fitting the mortgage hunt around your schedule to finding better deals, here’s all the reasons why you should use an online mortgage advisor to find the right mortgage for you.


When using an online mortgage advisor, you can take the process into your own hands, at your own convenience and your own pace.

The traditional mortgage route requires booking and planning meetings, adding to the process length. This isn’t necessary when using online mortgage advisors (although you can of course schedule a call if you’d prefer).

You will also be able to see updates on your application and track your progress online to help with time management.

More Mortgage Deals Available

One of the best things about going online for a mortgage is the number of deals available to you.

Online mortgage advisors aren’t tied down to specific lenders like many banks and high street brokers are, meaning they can find more options for you. And the more deals available to you, the better the chance is that you will find a great offer.

Mortgage brokers are trained in finding the most suitable offer for you and your finances. They will be there to help you choose the best option, offering advice and reassurance when you need it.


Without the need for meetings and phone calls (although there are options if you would like to go down this route), it allows you to be much more flexible when arranging a mortgage.

You can get documents prepared and sent off whenever suits you.

Expert Help and Knowledge

People may choose to find a mortgage on their own, although getting professional mortgage advice is advised.

Mortgage brokers have specialist knowledge in the industry which benefits you financially. They understand how the industry works, what you’ll be able to afford and how long the process will be with different lenders – this varies dramatically!

Not only will this lead to a speedier process overall, but you will know exactly what you can afford, meaning you won’t be disappointed by mortgage rejections.

We Can Help You

At Mortgages Online, we have 20 years’ worth of experience handling mortgage applications online. We provide the best customer experience possible and understand the importance of finding the right mortgage for you, and how this should be an exciting time in your life.

We have all the professional mortgage advice you need to start your next chapter. Get in touch today with any enquiries or start your journey here.


Andrew Montlake

As Managing Director, Andrew looks after the strategic goals that drive the vision and culture of the company, maintaining and promoting our Brand, Marketing, PR & Communications, as well as looking after our Corporate, Introducer, and Lender relationships.

He is the author of a highly acclaimed Mortgage Blog and host of our successful Mortgage & Property Podcasts and he has also won 8 major industry awards; Best Press Spokesperson (twice), Best Marketeer (twice), Mortgage Personality of the Year (twice), Mortgage Strategist of the Year and most recently Best Business Leader Broker (11-50 brokers).

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