About us.

With nearly 20 years’ experience within the Mortgage industry, the team at Mortgages.Online, have a pretty good understanding of not only the mortgage market, but also the customer journey.

Having successfully been a part of the rise of another successful mortgage broker, the team at MO know the importance of focusing heavily on customer experience to ensure that as much of the stress and worry could be removed from the house buying / re-mortgage process. This focus lead the team to collect a number of awards, including the title of Overall Business of the Year at the prestigious European Business Excellence Forum in 2016, followed in 2017 with the Best Customer Service award at the same event, along with several other National industry awards for Best Customer Service.

Understanding what it is that you, our customer, wants from a mortgage is why we feel the right decision for you is Mortgages.Online. We are able to offer a quality service from inception to completion without the time delays normally akin to a mortgage application. We have embraced the technology to complete the mundane parts of the process, allowing the professionals to concentrate on the personal parts of the process, resulting in an efficient service, with you benefitting from start to finish.

How it works.

Mortgages.Online was born out of the frustrations encountered by anyone completing a mortgage application.

At Mortgages Online, you are not limited to a specific lender's deals. We can access over 90 lenders, including all the leading high street lenders. We will also work around times that are convenient for you and not us.

At MO, we like to do things differently.

You visit our site (as you are now), complete the questions in your own time and see the mortgage that is right for you. We’ll even tell you the cost to insure your mortgage, provide a conveyancing quote (if you are moving home) & let you know the cost of buildings insurance.

But, choosing the right mortgage from over 12,000 options is a daunting task and, the wrong choice could be extremely costly. That’s why, once you make a decision, your details are forwarded to one of our professional, fully qualified mortgage advisers, who will review your details and provide advice on the mortgage that’s right for you.

Not only that, but once the correct mortgage is selected, we’ll submit the application. Once submitted, your case will then be passed to the team of award-winning administrators who will chase and progress your application at least once each week through to completion, ensuring that you are updated at every point.

Our service.

Online mortgage brokers are the future for finding mortgages. But, don't just take our word for it! Why not read our Trustpilot reviews to see what our previous customers have said about Mortgages Online.

Mortgages made easy.

We make mortgage applications easier and pride ourselves on our professional and customer sentric approach to securing mortgages for our customers. We are online mortgage brokers. We are MO.

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