Buy-to-let Purchase

How much do you have for a deposit?

This is the amount of money you have, inclusive of family gifts that can be used towards your house purchase. Remember, you need to allow for stamp duty, legal fees etc so only enter the amount you have available for deposit.


What is the total income for all people applying for the mortgage?

This is the amount you earn & pay tax on. The figure required is your annual income before tax & stoppages. Additional income may be bonus, overtime, maintenance payments made through a court order. Ongoing state benefits can sometimes be used.

If you are self-employed then you use the “Total Income Received” figure from your SA302 tax computation. If you aren’t sure what this is then call your accountant & ask for the SA302 total income received figure for your passed three years of trading. If you haven’t been trading for three years, then enter the figure for the full years you have been trading.


What is the age of the oldest applicant?

Are you a first time buyer?

If you have ever had a mortgage in the past then assume that you are not a first time buyer.

Have you seen a property you would like to buy?

The initial results we will show you, are your maximum term, borrowing capacity + property value, based on the income + deposit you have entered. Results are fully customisable.